Stone Coast KIDS

Church is meant to be fun while children learn about Jesus and how to live this one life fully for Him.  We create environments and experiences where children can worship God and learn more about Him and His ways.  It’s important to us that kids have a place where they know they are accepted, loved, and belong to something bigger than themselves.  Children will begin learning about their God-given gifts and be presented with opportunities to serve and make an impact in their communities.

All KidsChurch programs gather together on Sunday mornings during the entirety of the adult service. Groupings have been created according to both the developmental readiness of like ages and with the church population in mind. Families check their children into classrooms ten minutes before service starts.


Programs for elementary, middle school,  and high school.  We also have a nursery for kids 6mo's to 3yrs old.
Every Sunday at 10AM, at Highlander Charter School, 360 Market St, Warren, RI.


6 Months – 5 Years
Our youngest group of children have lots of fun together while they play and socialize! Through activities, crafts and stories, we discover what it means to love God, love Life and love Others, as we explore monthly/seasonal/holiday themes.


Kindergarten – 4th grade
School age children have extremely insightful questions and opportunities to share their thoughts and experiences with their peers and leaders. Their curiosity and understanding is expanded as we work through our ministry curriculum. Children explore ways to make wiser choices, build stronger relationships and develop a deeper faith. This is accomplished through motor activities, large and small group discussions, video presentations and a time to create a take-home to continue the conversation with their family.