How we do this is by bringing “Good News” to the people around us.  It’s “Good News” to help a child learn how to read, it’s “Good News” to help a homeless person no longer be homeless, it’s “Good News” to take in a child when their mom isn’t able to care for them; it’s “Good News” to invest in students from the inner-city by spending time with them, getting to know them, and helping them have tangible hope for their future by helping them go to school, learn a trade and find a career.


At Stone Coast, we team up with other organizations to partner together to bring this “Good News.”  We call our outward arm of the church, “Town Square Partners.”  Our mission is: To help serve the poor, provide hope to the next generation, and offer compassion and dignity to those who are marginalized in our society. We look to team up with other organizations, schools, businesses and anyone who wants to be a part of making a difference in our society.  It’s our hope that we can “Be The Church” in such a way that makes a positive impact in people’s lives.  We do our best to live out biblical principles such as “love your neighbor” and “treat people the way you want to be treated” so that our families and communities are changed for the good.  Here are some of the ways we do this and ways for you to get involved.  


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Our Vision is to love and serve others so that all may live life to the fullest in Christ.

Four Echoes Vintage Shoppe

Four Echoes is a not-for-profit vendor group shoppe owned and operated by Town Square Partners, a charitable ministry of our church. Profits from this store are used to support various outreach programs in our communities as well as our programs listed above. When you shop at our store, donate your gently used items, or lease space as a vendor, you become part of our mission of bringing the Good News in practical ways to people in our surrounding communities. Four Echoes has been a vehicle to provide jobs for people, provide community service and internship opportunities for students and is a space in our community for us to show God’s love to all those involved.

Check out Four Echoes Vintage Shoppe HERE

SHINE Kids Klub

SHINE Kids Klub has been developed with families in mind in order to meet an unspoken need in our community. SHINE is an opportunity for families who have children with disabilities to take some time for themselves while their children are cared for in a loving, safe and playful environment. The program is intended for preschool and elementary-aged child with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Older and younger siblings are also welcome. SHINE is intended to encourage play and socialization through games, projects, outdoor time, snack, and music; it is not therapeutically driven. We currently meet in the community space at Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center in Rehoboth, once or twice per month. For more information, contact Jessica


Emerge is our mentor program for youth who are aging out of foster care.  23,000 kids age out of the foster care system every year when they turn 18, and one out of four of these young people end up homeless.  71% of the young ladies who age out become pregnant by age 21 and many of their children end up right back in foster care.  This vicious cycle needs to come to an end.  At Stone Coast Community Church, we’re committed to doing something about this. Our long-term vision is to help these young people have a place to live, learn life skills, get an education, find a fulfilling career, and to support them throughout this process.  Currently, Emerge has been certified as a Mentor Program in Rhode Island and we’re excited about launching this new program in January of 2020.  We have fourteen people who have signed up to be mentors and are currently going through our training.

Courageous Kids

For one week every summer, the Bristol Town Common comes alive with smiles, music and fun, fun, fun! The first Courageous Kids week took place in August 2018 and has quickly become a highlight of the summer for the community. Children ages 6-12 choose from a variety of activity options for the week, while also engaging in live music, hear from fascinating guest speakers and enjoy dinner provided by local businesses each evening, all while learning what it means to be a neighbor of character. Registration for this event takes place late spring. For more information, visit our Town Square Partners website.

Highlander Charter School

Highlander is the charter school (6th-12th grade) where we hold our Sunday morning church services. It’s a perfect fit for us to partner with them to help make a difference in the students’ lives. We do this through mentoring, providing internships, and giving students opportunities to do community service.

Matthewson St. Church (Working with people who are homeless)

At Stone Coast, we want to figure out ways we can help alleviate poverty and impact people’s lives who are affected by it. One of the ways we do this is by helping people who are dealing with homelessness. Each week, people from our church can go to Matthewson St. Church in Providence to help volunteer at their breakfast, which serves about 300 homeless people weekly. It’s an opportunity to spend time with those struggling with homelessness, get to know their story, share a meal with them, understand their needs, and then meet those needs as we can. One of the things we want to do each year is to help at least one person who is currently homeless and then come alongside them to help them no longer be homeless.

Baldwin Elementary School

Baldwin Elementary school is in Pawtucket, RI and is a struggling school where over 95% of the students are on the food assistance program. The teachers are under resourced and quite frankly, it’s a difficult place to teach. As a church, we come alongside the teachers to lend them a helping hand. Volunteers come in once a week for a couple of hours to serve as teacher’s assistants.

Greenlock Therapeutic Riding Center

Greenlock is a beautiful place in Rehoboth, Ma where families who have kids with disabilities can go to help their child with various forms of therapy. They use horseback riding as one of the main methods of doing so. We support Greenlock by doing a church-wide serve day a couple of times a year, volunteer during the week, and serve at their annual 5k event to help raise money.

Health Equity Zone of Bristol/Warren (HEZ)

The Health Equity Zone of Bristol/Warren is a great organization that does so much good in these communities. HEZ works towards equal access to healthy lifestyles throughout all stages of life for the community. We have teamed up with HEZ on a number of initiatives: Safe Families For Children, Outdoor Movie Nights on the Bristol Common, summer program for kids, hurricane relief effort, parenting workshop, and work with Boystown to raise awareness about fostercare.