How we do this is by bringing “Good News” to the people around us.  It’s “Good News” to help a child learn how to read, it’s “Good News” to help a homeless person no longer be homeless, it’s “Good News” to take in a child when their mom isn’t able to care for them; it’s “Good News” to invest in students from the inner-city by spending time with them, getting to know them, and helping them have tangible hope for their future by helping them go to school, learn a trade and find a career.


At Stone Coast, we team up with other organizations to partner together to bring this “Good News.”  We call our outward arm of the church, “Town Square Partners.”  Our mission is: To help serve the poor, provide hope to the next generation, and offer compassion and dignity to those who are marginalized in our society. We look to team up with other organizations, schools, businesses and anyone who wants to be a part of making a difference in our society.  It’s our hope that we can “Be The Church” in such a way that makes a positive impact in people’s lives.  We do our best to live out biblical principles such as “love your neighbor” and “treat people the way you want to be treated” so that our families and communities are changed for the good.  Here are some of the ways we do this and ways for you to get involved both inside the church and in the community.  


If you'd like to get more information about how to Get Involved, click the button below.

Our Vision is to love and serve others so that all may live life to the fullest in Christ.

Getting Involved - In The Community



FOUR ECHOES Vintage & Ice Cream Shoppe

Four Echoes is our church's non-profit Vintage and Ice Cream shoppe.  You can participate in several ways in either. If interested click the button above and check off you'd like to know more info about Four Echoes.

Emerge - Fostercare

Emerge is our mentor program for youth who are aging out of foster care.  Our long-term vision is to help these young people have a place to live, learn life skills, get an education, find a fulfilling career, and to support them throughout this process.  

Matthewson St- homelessness

Each Sunday, people from our church can go to Matthewson St. in Providence to help volunteer at their breakfast, which serves about 200 homeless people weekly. 

GREENLOCK - therapeutic riding center for kids with disabilities

Greenlock is a beautiful horse farm in Rehoboth, Ma that provides therapy for kids with disabilities. We support Greenlock by doing a couple of clean up days (painting, cleaning, clearing, and more) a year, and/or you can volunteer there during the week & help as needed.

Getting Involved - In The Church


KidsChurch is a great way to impact the next generation in Christ, have fun, and spend time with our amazing children. 


Our hospitality team does it all. They make our church experience warm and friendly, put together a wonderful food spread, and create a welcoming atmosphere.  


Our production team works tirelessly behind the scenes to provide quality sound, video and technology. 


If you can "sang" or play an instrument and want to lead us into the presence of God, experience His goodness, and be set free, then this is a good team for you. 

Set Up & Take Down

This team makes all the differnce as they turn a cafeteria into a worship space. They set up the chairs and equipment and put away all the tables so we can enjoy one another and have a great experience.