Middle School

6th to 8th Grade
‍Our pre-teen group often start their time together in the worship portion of the adult service and then join together in their classroom. This group is learning to connect with Jesus through worship, prayer, Bible reading and group discussion. Lessons are planned with engaging activities, multimedia, art and design and group games. An opportunity to learn about giving is employed weekly as a weekly collection takes place for a child in need. There is a lot of energy in this group and love talking and sharing as much as playing games!

High School

9th to 12th Grade
The focus of our youth program is on building community with each other. This age group develops friendships and work together to discover who Jesus is, why He matters and ultimately laying the groundwork for a personal relationship with Him. This is accomplished through community time, bible study and game activities. Currently, this group starts their time together with a hot breakfast in the cafeteria each Sunday morning before settling into their classroom. Opportunities for time together outside of Sunday mornings are planned throughout the year, including our annual winter retreat.